Whatever your age or current level of fitness, and whatever your overall health and fitness objectives, using a personal trainer can be extremely motivating and rewarding, and can really put focus and enjoyment into exercise and training.

If you are looking for help with fat loss, improving your fitness and energy levels, feeling more confident about body image, you are looking to shape up for a special event or occasion such as a wedding or holiday, you need to de-stress or want to kickstart a new healthier lifestyle, then Personal Training with Sue Clark Health & Fitness is the ideal solution.

We design bespoke programmes which are specific to your own goals.  You are treated as the unique individual that you are – this is not a one size fits all approach and we place a big emphasis on educating clients to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle, looking holistically at some key pillars of optimum wellbeing – physical activity, nutrition, sleep and stress management.

We offer a choice of female and male personal trainers, in addition to two personal training studios and you have exclusive use of a personal training studio for your session (read more about our trainers).

We have a wide range of equipment available designed to offer creative, effective and fun workouts.   We aim to offer you a professional, effective and friendly experience from the outset, making you feel supported and motivated to reach your goals.

There are no membership fees and all sessions are by appointment only.

Each client has sole and exclusive use of the PT Studio during their appointment. Your initial free consultation includes Body Composition analysis together with nutrition and lifestyle analysis, followed by regular results monitoring.


The Benefits To You

Lose weight and burn fat; change your body shape

Improve aerobic fitness, build muscle and increase strength

Improved posture, flexibility and mobility

Build your confidence and self esteem

Lead a better quality of life and benefit from increased energy and vitality and a positive mental attitude

Have support and motivation to achieve your goals, and have fun in the process

Look and feel better and enjoy a better quality of life

Personal training at Sue Clark Health & Fitness is the ideal way to start living that fitter, healthier life now.



Our highly experienced team will challenge and motivate you to get results, and reach your objectives. We are professional, fun and friendly and will always treat you like the individual you are, looking holistically at your lifestyle and how it impacts on your overall wellbeing.


Free consultation with body composition analysis and review of lifestyle and nutrition.


Monitor your progress, support and motivate you. Review your programme to keep you progressing.


With your commitment, get results. Look and feel better and enjoy a better quality of life.