I started seeing Sue as I wanted a personal trainer to focus my exercise and make the best of what I thought I was doing right day to day! Sue is a marvel – she was able to personalise sessions to meet my needs each time, offered flexibility in times and days, and no session was ever the same – exactly what I needed to stop myself getting bored with working out. She helped me not only in training my body but also my mind – my stamina, breathing, determination, thinking about posture and technique and motivation. Incremental increases in weights lifted, level, length and variety of activity helped to keep me feel like I was being challenged while not making me feel disheartened. I’d recommend her to anyone – even if you feel like you know ‘what’s what’ and exercise regularly – if you don’t know which exercises are most effective for your goals and how to do them properly you can’t really achieve those goals.


We started to train with Sue in January and on our first meeting we both explained we wanted to lose weight , gain fitness and in my case lose my pot belly.
Sue listened to our goals and designed a varied and challenging work out regime to suit our level of fitness and getting progressively intense as our fitness and strength have increased.
Sue has also provided very useful nutritional advise and helped us focus on what to eat and drink and what to avoid.
She has worked us both hard and it would have been easy to give in but her motivation and friendly encouragement has helped us both persevere and we have achieved our initial weight loss targets and now are setting new goals.
We would like to recommend Sue to anyone who wants help and guidance with improving fitness and healthy weight loss.


I have been working with Sue since 2010 which is testament to how good I think Sue is as a personal trainer.
I initially decided to find a personal trainer to help increase movement in my ‘dodgy’ knees and I was finding it difficult to go to the gym under my own steam. I needed motivation and Sue definitely gives me that. My sessions also increase my energy levels but also improve my mental wellbeing too.
Sue always takes in to consideration any ‘niggles’ I am feeling and adapts my sessions. She makes each session a challenge, and encourages me to finish exercises I didn’t think I could do. Most of all the sessions are fun!
Alongside the personal training session Sue has helped with healthy eating and offers sports massage, which for me is the perfect package.
If you need to kick start your exercise regime, achieve a healthy goal and need the expertise and encouragement to do so then I would whole heartedly recommend Sue to help you get there.
Some inside information: when Sue says: ‘We are going to do [insert exercise here]’ she means the ‘royal we’ – you’re the one doing it!


I started going to see Sue due to pain I was experiencing in my hips but I was also interested in getting fit again after having my two children.

I was recommended to Sue by a friend for a sports massage and it was amazing, I felt immediately more flexible. I discussed with Sue starting training and I have never looked back. I am so much stronger than when I first began and can see my body sculpting into a much healthier form.

Although I have an ongoing condition at the moment, my sessions with Sue greatly help to reduce the stiffness and pain I have. Sue always tailors my sessions perfectly and what I really find different and like is that Sue also combines a holistic approach to our sessions taking care of my ongoing fitness but also my wellbeing. I would highly recommend Sue.


In November 2017 I was diagnosed with quite severe osteoarthritis in both knee joints, probably due to past sports involvement and work. Both my GP and Physio advised to strengthen the muscles in my legs.

My wife instantly recommended Sue, whom she’d worked with to lose weight and increase her fitness.

Six months in from working with Sue my knees and legs are so much better, every day stuff like using stairs is so less painless and just recently my wife and I have taken up tennis again.



When I first met Sue I was obese and very unfit – unable to climb the stairs without having to stop half way.  I have regular sessions with Sue, she is warm and friendly; the sessions are varied and challenging but with her motivation and encouragement I always enjoy them and feel a massive sense of achievement at the end.  Six months in, I had dropped four dress sizes, got my confidence back, can run upstairs and am a much happier person.  My diet has improved dramatically and everyone comments on how well I look.  Throughout, Sue has treated me as a unique individual, tailoring everything to my own needs – working with her really has changed my life for the better. 


Following retirement I wanted to keep fit and healthy.  Sue talked to me about what I wanted to achieve and then designed a personal training programme to achieve my aim.  Sue varies the activities each session, keeps motivating me to do more but in a supportive way.  Sue is professional in her approach but with a sense of humour which makes the sessions all the more enjoyable.  I have been going to Sue’s well equipped studios for several years and definitely feel that I have benefitted from her training programme.


I can wholeheartedly recommend Sue.  When I first approached Sue 18 months ago, I was 73 years old and unable to walk freely following a couple of falls which damaged both of my feet and my right-side glutes.  Thanks to Sue’s careful structuring of a recovery programme tailored to my particular needs I now have the confidence to do things I haven’t done in a long time:  fell walking, gardening and even a challenging 45 minute work-out once a week! Sue’s friendly, encouraging and firm guidance has opened up new possibilities in my life. At 75, I now feel healthier, fitter, stronger and more confident than I ever was and I am really focussed on maintaining these levels of activity for as long as possible.  I could not have done this without Sue’s great professionalism, understanding and commitment.


Our highly experienced team will challenge and motivate you to get results, and reach your objectives. We are professional, fun and friendly and will always treat you like the individual you are, looking holistically at your lifestyle and how it impacts on your overall wellbeing.


Free consultation with body composition analysis and review of lifestyle and nutrition.


Monitor your progress, support and motivate you. Review your programme to keep you progressing.


With your commitment, get results. Look and feel better and enjoy a better quality of life.